Which are the nearest train / airport stations to Patnem - Turtle Hill ?

The nearest train station : CHAUDI about 10 min drive and MARGAO about 45 min drive

Do you have Wi-FI in your bungalows ?

We have free Internet (wifi) in our Hill Bungalows.

Do you have air-con in your bungalows ?

Sorry, we don’t have air-con in our bungalows.

Do you have mosquito net in your bungalows ?

Yes, on request we provide a mosquito net for your bed.

Do the Bungalows have seaview ?

Yes, all our bungalows have unspoild seaview.

Do you have fan in your bungalows ?

we can provide a fan if you like, but the construction of the Bungalows is open and normaly you have a seabrezze when you keep the glasdoors open at the Hill Bungalows and at the beach nobody asked for fan, it is cool enough there, but don't worry, if you need it, we can provide it.

Do you have a safe ?

Yes, we have a safe, please contact Niten or Bernd when you arrive.

Can I get Internet connection ?

Yes, you can buy a stick ( 2.450 INR) and a card, valid one month for 500 INR.If you have a tablet pc (iPad)we have some sim cards for that. In our property there is also an Internet Cafe, just one minute away.

Where is the next bank - cash - machine ATM ?

The next bank-cash-machine is just 5 min. far by scooter, we can give you a lift.

Can I rent a motor bike / motor roller = scooter with you ?

Yes you can. Rent per day less then 4 days 250 INR/day more the 4 days 200 INR/day. Petrol per liter 63,65 INR , 1 ltr. about 45 miles drive ( prices might have changed)